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Duke and Duchess

I’ve been finding referrals of spots to visit from social media thus far, i.e.  places my friends rate. As such, I only heard of the Duke & Duchess the other day from a friend’s Instagram photo, and I’m here today.

On walking in, you can’t help but notice this is not your average coffee shop, it has a definitive masculine feel. It is a restaurant/coffee bar/motorbike store so as you sip your coffee you’re surrounded by sights of  vintage motor bikes, bicycles, Vespa bikes, helmets, jackets, etc. If the Antique Cafe is unashamedly female (in my opinion), Duke and Duchess is unashamedly male. And this is what makes it awesome and original. Although I was glad to see many females there!



The menu is varied with half a page of coffee options and different types of beans used daily (there’s a board stating which beans are used each day), and suits both a breakfast and lunch preference. All coffee is served in glasses, further enhancing the authentic coffee experience.

Should you be dealing with an overdose of caffeine (as I was) they also make fresh juices. I tried a mixed pineapple, orange and ginger combo and it was really good.

There’s even a “man burger” on the menu, nuff said.


In terms of street cred, Duke & Duchess has been ranked in the top 10 coffee shops in the KZN Cafe Society 2014. This is pretty remarkable considering they just opened last year June. I think coffee connoisseurs will love this place.

You can find Duke and Duchess at 46 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga Rocks Drive. Their hours are 7 am till 4-30 pm weekdays, and 7-30 am to 1 pm on Saturday.