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La Carboneria (Flamenco dancing)

Seville, the Spanish town that invented bull fighting and flamenco. When deciding on my Spain itinerary I knew I wanted to watch my first flamenco dance show only in Seville. Where better than where it originated from no?

I did my research beforehand and had narrowed my options down to two places I wanted to try, but as they seemed touristy with hefty show prices I wasn’t too sure.

When we checked into our apartment in Seville, the owner was very helpful and gave us suggestions for non usual touristy things to see and do. He suggested La Carboneria as a must see for flamenco, a local hotspot and his favourite.

Off we went that afternoon and apart from getting terribly lost (it is a maze amidst all the windy pedestrian only streets so be warned), discovered flamenco dancing only started at 9 pm. Back we went that night and enjoyed it so much, we went back again on our second (and last) night in Seville. It never crossed my mind to try any other venues after the first night.

La Carboneira is an old traditional venue with an indoor rustic feel of dark wood, stone walls and high ceilings. The shows are held in a large open area, quite different from the feel of the inside. All flamenco dancing shows are free (yes free) every night, but it’s suggested you support the bar and snack counter. Easy enough I say. On both the nights we went, the venue was exceptionally busy with many Chinese students amidst  middle-aged couples, families and locals. You can always tell a tourist with their camera a mile away (so says one) 😉

In keeping with a Flamenco dancing tradition, the dance is composed of three people – the singer, guitar player and dancer. Any additional sound is provided by the hand clapping of the three (we kept trying to clap our hands the way they do but failed miserably).

The dancing was superb. So much of passion, energy and drama in the movements, you can’t help but be absorbed. The dancer on the second night is per below photos and this lady was on fire! A few times when she was engrossed in her frantic movements, absolute silence was requested by the singer so as to not disturb her. My word. Amazing.

The entrance area

Another view of the entrance

Wall art

This singer sang on both nights, incredible!

The dancer had fast feet!

This lady was a machine!

La Carboneria was definitely one of the highlights of my Spain visit. You will know you’ve arrived when you see the unmistakable red doors 🙂

Find La Carboneria on: Calle Levíes, 18, 41004 Sevilla, Spain