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Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

I’m not the biggest football fan in the world, but one can’t go to Madrid and not visit the Real Madrid Stadium. I think my going surprised some people, as I got a few quizzical looks and ‘I didn’t know you were a soccer fan’ questions.

The tour is obviously amazing and makes one leave believing Real Madrid is the best team in the world. Well, of course it is 🙂

The tour includes a panaromic view of the stadium, pitch, dressing and press room. The highlight however, is the trophy room, an in your face assault to the senses. There are dozens of television screens, ceiling to floor screens, glass cases filled with historical documents and trophies, information on each player, and at the end a fabulous video interviewing some players on their feelings to play for Real Madrid.

It’s worth noting that the tour isn’t suited to those in wheelchairs, as there’s stairs to climb  up and no wheelchair facilities.

I took out photos of everything, to share with those more deserving than I in terms of love of the game, to have a glimpse of their beloved team.

View of the stadium
Spain Portugal Morocco 088
An entire wall of different sized television screens with trophies littered in between..
Spain Portugal Morocco 094
An entire wall of projected images with stats and info on each player.


Founding documents


ridhwans bb pics 842.jpg

ridhwans bb pics 844.jpg

Spain Portugal Morocco 102.jpg


ridhwans bb pics 846.jpg

From each you can hear either the anthem, crowds cheering or famous goals being scored.


ridhwans bb pics 845.jpg

Spain Portugal Morocco 092.jpg
Progression of changes to the Real Madrid branding.


Spain Portugal Morocco 083
Some statistics.


Spain Portugal Morocco 098.jpg

Spain Portugal Morocco 105.jpg
Locker rooms, of legends.


Spain Portugal Morocco 104

The showers..