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LA Central – Madrid

I was in Madrid for a few days in October on holiday and stumbled upon LA Central while searching for something else, as one does when touring on a tight schedule. It was one of those places you love immediately but due to above mentioned time constraints only spent about 5 minutes in the store. I made sure I went back though, after 9 pm that night, book in hand. I had spent the day doing all sorts of tourist sightseeing which was fun (and exhausting) and left me wanting something a tad more authentic. LA Central fit the bill.It’s situated in Callao, a very central and popular area in Madrid, yet is able to retain its independent charm and character removed from the bustling busyness around it. LA Central is a book store/bistro and has three floors of books, spanning every  subject imaginable. As books were all in Spanish, my non-existent command of the language prevented me from buying anything. imageimage imageimage Back downstairs to the Bistro I went, noticing the alphabet decorated walls, a very cool design idea. I ordered my coffee, sat and soaked it up (at the expense of reading). The Bistro has a calming feel with dark wooden tables, low hanging ceiling lights and fabulous service & coffee. One of my favorite things when traveling is visiting local non – tourist infested places (I love Supermarkets!) to get a feel for the city. My little time in Madrid was intense, and LA Central at 10 pm (how fabulous is it’s closing time of 1 am) had the quiet of a magnificent city winding down. The website link –>  http://www.lacentral.com/web/librerias/Callao If you’re ever in Madrid, pop in. I think you’ll enjoy it.