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Coffee Tree in Windermere Centre

I have been to Coffee Tree in Glenwood and loved everything about the place. When I heard they’d opened a second store in Windermere Centre I decided to check it out (even though I’ve never been inside Windermere Centre before). Having said that, I was glad to see the Centre’s getting revamped, with a Woolies Food on the way.

You can find the Coffee Tree on the ground store, next to an outdoor type of coffee shop in the Centre actually.


The Coffee Tree operates from inside a clothing store and despite having it’s own space, is very much merged with the store. The overall feel is vintage, charming and full of personality.


I visited when they had only been open for nine days, and the owner was in. He, like the waitress was very friendly and welcoming, chatting to customers and ready to explain/apologise for anything. I had asked for a Summer loving juice, which is what I loved from the Glenwood Store. The owner was very apologetic that it wasn’t yet available as they were still trying to ascertain what works in the Windermere location. No worries, I had a great cappuccino instead.


This store still retains the ethos of vegetarian limited menu, which includes gluten-free and wheat free options.

I thought with the close confines of the coffee shop, I wouldn’t have the privacy to read or work. I was pleasantly surprised as the waiters gave me my space, replacing my (cold bottled tap water) when mine finished. It’s a lovely space with lovely people. Give it a try.