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And so it begins..

This is pretty incredible for me, to be writing my first blog post. I never saw myself as a blogger, as I always considered them a special breed of people created of a different cloth to me.

Yet here I am, blogging and I’m so excited!! I usually work in a fast paced, deadline driven environment and like all office workers have very little free time to explore my city (Durban) during the week.

Fortunately I’ve created some free time which sees me finally doing what I’ve always longed to (but never honestly expected to be able to do).

Top of my bucket list (apart from travelling!) was always to tour Durban’s cool and interesting spots (i.e. coffee shops, restaurants, etc) without an agenda, to just soak it up, as one does on holiday.
Now that I can, I’m trying to visit a different spot each day, and blogging my discoveries. I’m hoping it provides you, especially the working person or Durban tourist, with impetus to similarly explore Durban.

This blog isn’t just about Durban, but what moves me, be it in any part of the world or on any topic. I hope you find this blog interesting and relevant.

Let’s get started then, Bismillah..