The Morning Trade

I assumed (rightly or wrongly) that most Durbanites know of The Morning Trade (“TMT”), a Sunday morning artisinal market that’s been operating for about eight months. Durbanites are quick to cotton onto the “latest thing” turning it overnight into an instant hit (I kid you not, just check your Instagram feed). However, I recently found myself visiting TMT every week for a month, taking someone new each time.. Which made me think perhaps it’s not as well-known as I assumed.

Hence, such is the inspiration behind this blog post – to share the awesomeness that is TMT.

TMT is the brainchild of Anna Savage, who originally partnered with 8 on Morrison (it’s the street name and original venue) to create a Sunday morning market, as part of an urban revitalization project of bringing people back to the ‘City’. The location (although initially unheard of) soon became a Durban landmark with events such as the UIA conference, Story Sessions and others being held there. The street art and graffiti on almost every corner of the building added to the ambience and lent character to the venue. 

However, the highlight was ultimately TMT Sunday market.

TMT is primarily a food market, with a variety of stalls to purchase your Sunday breakfast/brunch, fresh vegetables, engage your sweet tooth or just grab a coffee. It caters to every taste, with halaal, meat, vegetarian available so rest assured you will not starve. If anything come with a purse filled with cash as you end up buying more than you expect!

Some of the many stalls at TMT include the following:

  • Con-fusion, my favourite stall for masala eggs and the yummiest koeksisters;
  • Falafel fundi, a Durban favourite for falafel wraps and salads. They can also be found at the Essenwood & the Rooftop markets;
  • Zac and Tonic, for delicious crepes;
  • Legend-airy for the tastiest ice creams. There are different flavours each week to keep it interesting;
  • Bean Green Coffee (included in Cafe Society’s best coffee shops) and Love Coffee for your coffee fix;
  • Glenwood bakery and Cafe St Germain, both renowned Durban favourites for their breads and pastries; and
  • Lemonade stands, fresh juices, almond milk, and cronuts (this is a mix between a donut and croissant).

TMT is the first Durban city market (let’s exclude Umhlanga) that has succeeded in creating a family atmosphere, where you meet and catch up with friends and more importantly make new friends whilst sharing the communal seating areas. I appreciate seeing people of different types, ages and background come together to enjoy good food and socialize. It has become a favourite Sunday activity.

Just under a month ago, TMT changed venues to the larger, more airy venue in the equally trendy Station Drive precinct. Many Durbanites begin their Sunday mornings with a beach run or swim and the new location is a short drive away, whilst still being closer to the Musgrave and Morningside suburbs.

The benefit of the larger venue is ‘parking space’ for bikes and some space been set aside for a children play area. It’s also a lot less congested during busy periods. The I Heart Market, a sister market to TMT, has already used the new venue for an Autumn mini market during April. TMT is always evolving and I see the new venue as the beginning of even better things for them.


Photos courtesy of Google.

You can find TMT on Sunday mornings, from 8am till 1 pm on 15 Station Drive.  They have a Facebook page and are also on Instagram.

Hope to see you there 🙂

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