Battle of the banana bread!

At the outset I had never tasted banana bread toast before December 2014 so didn’t know what I was missing out on. I’ve since had amazing banana bread at two places hence sharing the high carbohydrates love (take that Tim Noakes) 😉

1. Cape Town’s Company Gardens restaurant 

I visited Company’s Gardens for the first time in December 2014 and tried Haarlem and Hope for breakfast. Delicious banana bread coupled with the fabulous park garden venue and vibe make this an aesthetically pleasing win on all counts.

2. Durban’s Parc Cafe

I tried their banana bread for the first time in December 2014 with a friend down from Australia. We both fell in love! Parc Cafe is one of Durban’s cool new spots and has great live music on Saturday mornings. Note they are closed on Mondays so plan yourself accordingly. Parc Cafe has recently made some changes to their menu with the nectarine banana bread being replaced. I’m told they are looking at making it amazing again so here’s hoping for the best!

Company’s Gardens


Parc Cafe



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